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Day Trading this morning and walking away with $300 on a easy Short Setup Pre Market. I waited around till 11 and couldn't find any good setups so I just called it a day. The best DayTrades sometimes are none! Remember the Stock Market is built to take your money so you've gotta make sure you only put your money to work when the Action is on your side. Want to support the channel for only $5 a month? Also get the chance to win stuff and join in on Member LiveStreams? JOIN! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTovmBbgOEgi4iXqSH3IxjQ/join Find out more about the Scanner I use Trade Ideas here- https://bit.ly/2MrJZDX YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS USE THE CODE "PATRICKW15" for 15% Discount on all Products! Come join FREE DayTrading Facebook Group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/PlanTradeProfit/ Get an amazing offer at SpeedTrader.com Broker by using this link! https://speedtrader.com/patrick/ Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/patrickwieland Business Inquires- [email protected] #DayTrading #StockMarket #PennyStocks
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Patrick Wieland (13 days ago)
Only .16 cents a day you can help support my addiction to Fast Cars, Women and Sushi! Member LiveStream Wednesday! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTovmBbgOEgi4iXqSH3IxjQ/join
Muhammad AL-QAMAR (13 days ago)
Hey, Patrick is this group of members only for people of specific countries? there is no join tab to click, and when I click on the link it says product not available for sale.
Martin Lazarov (13 days ago)
16 cent per day makes the job go away...
TraderFlor Stock (5 days ago)
What broker do you use for your daily trades besides Suretradr?
MatrixGaming829 (12 days ago)
Hey Patrick I'm opening a suretrader account, just wanted to know your recommendation on the level 2 for the platform. Should one just get the basic level 2 for 104$ or the Nasdaq total view one for 124
Patrick Wieland (12 days ago)
$104 is fine
Herb Speegle (13 days ago)
Happy to be a part of this, and the $5 bucks in minimal by comparison. Patrick has been an invaluable asset to me learning, and continue learning, how to day trade and be successful. I'm all for anyone who can be successful and generous enough to pass on that information without draining my account! Thank you Patrick! Haters gonna hate!!
mark gokun (13 days ago)
How do you get the box to pop with all the information when you mouse over candlesticks on the chart?
Jason Hillyer (13 days ago)
It was lame.
Joshua M (13 days ago)
Tony Gardo (13 days ago)
Love the questions..."Why am I going short here...What makes this a good long opportunity?" Just that alone could save you countless forced C- trades.
Abenet Beyene (13 days ago)
I was pissed of my self today. Not having self control and over-trading
LocalChannel Trading (12 days ago)
+Abenet Beyene Great! keep it up, its a journey!
Abenet Beyene (12 days ago)
+LocalChannel Trading yes I walked today after my first trade
LocalChannel Trading (12 days ago)
continue to try staying focus, at least you know whats holding you back so you can begin to change those things! Good luck!
Freedom 1 (13 days ago)
I’m up 247.00 today...I know, I know,,,,,but as long as the outcome is income, all is well.......
TradingMonkey (13 days ago)
good trading..I checked this stock out after seeing you mention it..It just seemed so slow to me..good job getting your money! see you tomorrow partner!
Gwent Champ (13 days ago)
Any non-red day is a good day IMHO !
Giacomo Ricchi (13 days ago)
Hype videos! Can you talk about your software trading platform and the integration with your broker, since I'm with Tradezero but the charting isn't good as yours! Thanks
Giacomo Ricchi (13 days ago)
+Patrick Wieland but is it possibile to use Das trader and have for example Tradezero as a broker, how does it work this combination between software and broker? Thanks!
Patrick Wieland (13 days ago)
Im using Das Trader Pro platform. I've heard Trade Zero charts are bad.
JayXOne (13 days ago)
I saw you watching YECO this morning and jumped in for a paper trade and made $530 as it went up to yesterday’s high.
Patrick Wieland (13 days ago)
Nice work!
ess mac (13 days ago)
There is a class action lawsuit in play against $IGC; here's the link that might herp if you lost money in this fraudulent hype; https://schallfirm.com/join-action-form/?slug=india-globalization-capital-inc&id=1555
chadsoandso (13 days ago)
Trade like a sniper
SoLit CantQuit (13 days ago)
It's funny because once upon a time I knew a Patrick that said he would never charge us for anything trading related my how things change when people become corrupted you're starting to sound more and more like Ricky every day keep it up Patrick I'm glad you're happy
Garage Day Trader (12 days ago)
+mrjoefly1 haters gonna hate
Garage Day Trader (13 days ago)
Watches videos about how people make money...complains when people are finding different ways to make money??
nawaz dahya (13 days ago)
He said he would never sell courses or chatroom. The new YouTube algorithms has really hit content creator hard. There has to be a motive in order for people like Patrick to keep on making videos because these videos to cost Patrick time and time is money. Just skip one startbucks drink a day and you have access to probably the realest day trading content on YouTube.
STARSKY1313 (13 days ago)
Tyler Blizzard that’s why he puts ads in the videos..
Tyler Blizzard (13 days ago)
+mrjoefly1 He still is transparent lol. There is nothing wrong with charging someone for a service you're providing. He never promotes products or services he would not use himself. I smell a bit of jealousy
Russ (13 days ago)
traded nugt for 310 profit should of made more but didn't trust my intuition and got in at higher price
MrDesoto1 (13 days ago)
It was another day of indecision for me, so no trades.
LocalChannel Trading (12 days ago)
great discipline! continue the good work!
Lakatos Stefan (13 days ago)
i gues better safe then sry:)
PeaceKeeper 229 (13 days ago)
I think there is no volume because everyone is waiting on the election results.. my opinion
LocalChannel Trading (12 days ago)
great insight!
lombardo141 (13 days ago)
Have not made a trade since Thursday...:-(. I mean I almost traded Tesla today that's how bad it has been.
mike gurgle (13 days ago)
All other trades seem really risky right now. Patrick mentioned a stock this morning and I was watching it (btw thanks dude!) and it was just blah after open.....went down but not hard down and then sideways.
mike gurgle (13 days ago)
I've been trading Amazon, MSFT and NFLX. :) Not much but gains for sure.
Patrick Wieland (13 days ago)
You know its rough out there when you thinking about Trading TESLA lol

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