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(Crazy Secret) How To Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase with 0% Fees

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Denise Sc (1 year ago)
Nice Video, I have found this one too that is a little shorter and nice to understand on how to buy bitcoin with no fees. I hope it will help https://youtu.be/ksqJYQMzKNM
Sean Hammer (1 year ago)
Way too much unnecessary talking.
stephen rex (1 year ago)
Hey guys I am Mr Stephen and I have in my possession $5000 worth of bit coins that I would like to sell . so if your interested in this mail me via [email protected]
Joseph F (1 year ago)
No fees? Yes. But it comes down to, do people want to invest time into watching the markets and learning the many things included to earn more, the quick decision is yes. However with keeping up on a full-time job, school, family, life really, I don't think people will be nearly intised into saving roughly 3% after buy sell, plus another good 3% due to coinbase mark up, with just how simple and ease of use coinbase already is. Gdax is a quicker return if you can accommodate the time that is necessary to buy/sell effectively. Coinbase is a better set and forget to see a profit. I say let the people find the path themselves; One who seeks, finds.

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