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Trade The Open Like A Boss! Part 13 - Momentum Trading vs. Pullback Trading

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We are welcoming Oliver Velez back after his summer vacation and he has returned with a big bang. In this 13th installment of his popular Trade The Open Like A Boss! video series, Oliver Velez trades while teaching the difference between two popular styles of trading, both of which are valid: Momentum Trading and Pullback Trading. Oliver Velez is more of a PullBack Trader, although he does mix the two at times, which he does in today's trading session. Mr. Velez makes it clear that a trader needs to find out which of these two styles better suits his personality. In most cases, this calls for the trader to experience both styles equally until one emerges as feeling more natural and producing better overall results. Watch! Listen and Learn as Oliver Velez continues the journey toward raising your level of sophistication as a trader to newer and higher heights. ============================================ Follow Oliver Velez on: www.ifundtraders.com www.facebook.com/olvelez007 www.twitter.com/olvelez007 www.instagram/olvelez007 ================================== If you are interested in being trained and/or funded by Oliver Velez contact [email protected] for details. Oliver Velez believes the fastest way to trading success is to put aside the fear of losing your own money. It is this fear that oftens stands as the biggest obstacle to making it. Email today! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "You Suck! Here's Why!" Before you place another trade! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zI5Cajwgb-E -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (14)
Michael (2 months ago)
Live these series! You gotta start doing if again.. :) One question if I may ask, when it's gapping up/down and say you have 3/4 reasons it will be that direction its heading - if it were not to, when would you get our of the trade? When it's bashing through 200ma and so forth?
Michael (2 months ago)
Thank you for answer Oliver, bless you
Oliver Velez Trading (2 months ago)
I establish a max loss per trade. Watch thr whole series in detail. This is very important.
Mefiposeta Rose (7 months ago)
This is the best, most worthy strategy, thouroghly fitted together, very specific Technicals, very different from all the other "momentum " strategy while feeding us the amazing "behind the mind of a market maker knowledge and skill of charts patterns. Your absolutely right, nobody can for see into the stock market plays, but more powerful than that, you can we prepare yourself to understand the set up when presented, and confidently know what to do specially and how to attack. And also, I will train myself to not play the pnl for my decision, and always try to add liquidity into the market it ultimately serves well for many good reasons.
Tanveer Junayed (9 months ago)
Amazing trades!!
Jin Ba (9 months ago)
Thank you Oliver.You changed my Life.
eddyvideostar (3 years ago)
The early/open morning trading aspect is somewhat dubious, as regarding the large spreads and volatility. Your illustration with the large gap of Apple. I believe that upon first viewing, this would probably tend to pull back, (I have not watched the whole video) what it did then, but, in general, to not commit oneself too early due to the movement and the price scale on the chart would make one apprehensive to do too much with this. Oh! One thousand shares of Apple is just light stuff, but six to seven thousand is when your are really getting your feet wet. How do you teach like this, especially, to people who are just starting and do not have the resources which you possess?
These are BOMB videos! Thank you Oliver!
JimmyD (3 years ago)
Mr. Velez, I really would like to ask you this, do you think Tim Sykes is a real deal or scammer? No offense, you are much much more worthy, I am a fan hence why I am asking the question.
JimmyD (3 years ago)
+Oliver Velez Thank you for the feedback.
sneakernomics (3 years ago)
Another awesome video. Can you make one regarding how you determine your exit points? My best guess is somewhere close to the last elephant bar...
Felix Raymond (3 years ago)
Hey Oliver, What's your take on low priced high volume stocks?
Felix Raymond (3 years ago)
+Oliver Velez You're truly dedicated to your craft. You actually take time to answer people. I respect that. I actually live in Palm Beach as well. I'd like to be one of your student one day. In due time lol...
Andrew M (3 years ago)
Thanks, Oliver! Always love these videos! Keep 'em comin'!
Bob Bailey (3 years ago)
It's good to see the Trade Like a Boss series again

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