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World Indices Trend Lines - DJ30, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Gold and Silver Index weekly 2014 April 18

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World Index Trend Line charts 18 April 2014 -- end of week http://www.aboutinflation.com Weekly Bar Charts, one Bar represents one week. An Up Trendline requires a Higher Troughs and Higher Peaks or simply Higher Lows and Higher Highs. When price gain momentum, more than one accelerated Trend line can be created or drawn. A Down Trendline requires a Lower Peaks and Lower Troughs or simply Lower Highs and Lower Lows. When price drops, more than one accelerated Trend line can be created. There are two types of Trendlines: 1. Tentative Trendline or Initial Trendline 2. Valid Trendline For an Tentative Uptrend line to become Valid Uptrend line, the price must touch or come very close to Tentative Uptrend line and than make new Highs. For a Tentative Downtrend line to become Valid Downtrend line, the price must touch or come very close to Tentative Downtrend line and than make new Lows. UpTrend LIne -- green color DownTrend Line -- red color Broken Trend Line -- grey color Weekly Trend lines and Bar Charts of: Dow Jones Industrial Averages Index - US Dow Jones Transportation Index - US Dow Jones Utilities Index -- US Oil Index ^XOI -- US Bank Index ^BKX - US Nasdaq 100 Index -- US S & P 100 Index -- US S&P 500 ^GSPC - US Gold and Silver Index ^XAU - US FTSE 100 - UK Index DAX 30 - German Index CAC 40 -- French Index ^FCHI OSE All Share Index -- Norway ^OSEAX Swiss 20 Index ^SSMI ADR International Index Madrid General Index -- Spain ^SMSI ASX 200 Index -- Australia ^AXJO NZ50 Index - New Zealand SSE Composite Index -- China ^SSEC HSI Hang Seng Index -- Hong Kong NIKKEI 225 Index -- Japan STI Strait Time 30 -- Singapore Index TSEC Waighted Index -- Taiwan ^TWII BSE Sensex Index -- India KLCI Index -- Malaysia ^KLSE Jakarta Composite Index -- Indonesia ^JKSE KOSPI Composite Index -- South Korea ^KS11 RTS 50 Index -- Russia Euro Stoxx 50 -- EST%) EURP - ^STOXX50E TSX Composite -- Canada Index ^GSPTSE Marval Index -- Argentina ^MERV Bovespa Index Brazilia ^BVSP IPC Bolsa Index -- Mexico KSE Index -- Pakistan Sri Lanka Karachi ^KSE CRB -- USCI Index -- US Commodity Index ^CRB CBOE 30 Year Treasury Bond Yield ^TYX - US CBOE 10 Year Treasury Note Yield ^TNX - US CBOE 5 Year Treasury Note Yield ^FVX - US http://www.aboutinflation.com/glossary/technical-analysis/trend-line See the balance between Uptrend Lines and Downtrend Lines that will indicate whether markets are bullish or bearish Trend Line is calculated and drawn base on Pics and Troughs. Trend Line - end of week chart uses weekly bar charts ( one bar = one week ). Trend Line uses International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) methodology, IFTA is the only global organization of market analysis societies and associations using correct way of determining trend lines. IFTA is an international non-profit organization with member societies in 26 countries. The International Federation of Technical Analysts offers certification to technical analysts around the world. http://www.ifta.org/ For more World Indices Trend Lines see the links below: Trend Lines 11 April 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/5Hzfx53BrRg Trend Lines 4 April 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/tAbvgfs6vcY Trend Lines 28 March 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/rgwG5299zRA Trend Lines 21 March 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/70wAdyIFglo Trend Lines 14 March 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/_In5_Xva8ik Trend Lines 7 March 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/QoHBo_IfSco Trend Lines 28 February 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/suk3qGXxrMY Trend Lines 21 February 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/8l2RO8eX3U4 Trend Lines 14 February 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/FHC_rqasgOM Trend Lines 7 February 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/jsyMommmMos Trend Lines 31 January 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/x9-rZ4Wplvs Trend Lines 24 January 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/Q98LixCNbK4 Trend Lines 17 January 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/GBu5d2Js2P8 Trend Lines 10 January 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/gIYjd1t7SiA Trend Lines 3 January 2014 World Indices http://youtu.be/SNn6XsK9sJ4 Trend Lines 27 December 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/EcvC65JPwJI Trend Lines 20 December 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/llsTqZdkBgc Trend Lines 13 December 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/_zn-8YVg_4g Trend Lines 6 December 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/TaFCvKYKfdY Trend Lines 29 November 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/8EkMQQX6DyQ Trend Lines 22 November 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/OWRxLOOw_do Trend Lines 15 November 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/Qs84XrW5IFg Trend Lines 8 November 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/O0OUwZMjnmw
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