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Electroneum Mining Rig 7 AMD RX 580 8GB GPU 6800 H/s hashrate 850 watt

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This video show Electroneum Mining Rig with 7 AMD RX 580 8GB GPU 6800 H/s hashrate, 850 watt electricity power draw, with Claymore Cryptonote Mining Software and nanopool Mining pool.
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Le Precurseur (24 days ago)
Hi , i would mine this coin. Can you put the link on the bio or do a tutorial to know how to install everything for mining. Thank you :)
ShakyShawn (1 month ago)
Why mine shitcoin? It's not profitable
Umesh Shahu (3 months ago)
can't understand
Crypto Conversations (3 months ago)
Fascinating video

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