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Samvat 2075 Muhurat Trading Special Episode | 7th Nov 2018

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Text Comments (19)
samrat p (9 days ago)
Thank you for the recommendations.
srinivas k (10 days ago)
Pl give suryadev sir recommendations.
Nice team, Good recommendations
zitendra paleti (10 days ago)
Dhfl is multi bagger stock eavaru recommended chai ledhu....🙏🙏🙏
bethi naresh kumar (11 days ago)
Tv5 great good 💪
sreekanth4u1 (11 days ago)
salute to your Team sir..thank u for tv5 nd youtube
Pola Narasimha (11 days ago)
Good analysis by TV5 Team ..Happy Diwali to TV5 team ..
Adusumalli Prakash (11 days ago)
Kutumba rao is a big flop in 2017.18. Don't talk politics
Nag Reddy (11 days ago)
Thank you sir God bless you TV 5
madan lade (11 days ago)
Good analysis and good choice of stocks. May all investors wealth many fold this samvat.
Ravibabu Sarikonda (11 days ago)
Good one, happy Diwali
RAAZESH HEEREKAR (11 days ago)
Happy Diwali sir
venkata Ramana (11 days ago)
I will try to ur recomidation sir
ramjan 1295 (11 days ago)
Thanks sir
J.R. Krishna (11 days ago)
Great team, Appreciate handwork of all of you....
ravibabu mandala (11 days ago)
Excellent recommendations by tv5 team , thank you all, happy samvath, Happy Diwali to all
Palem Nazeer (11 days ago)
sowmya319 (8 days ago)
Kutumba Rao suggested Ananth Raj previous Devali , is a big flop
sowmya319 (8 days ago)
Good info by TV5 team , Thanks a lot

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